iWalldock ➔ SimpliDock

iWalldock ➔ SimpliDock

We are so excited to share some big changes coming to iWalldock, starting with the name itself!

When we started designing iPad wall docks in my garage back in 2012, we had no idea the company would grow into what it has become today. Because we are now thinking beyond the "wall", the name iWalldock has become a limiting factor on our brand. Since announcing the SimpliDock model as an addition to our product line in 2015, this product has quickly become our flagship product. With this in mind, we have decided to phase out iWalldock and fully embrace SimpliDock as our brand and unified product name moving forward.

That said, the process of physically (and digitally) transitioning from iWalldock to SimpliDock will undoubtedly take several months to complete. A new website with the new logo and domain (www.SimpliDock.com) is coming in March 2021. Many items in our inventory will retain the iWalldock logo until they are sold out and replaced with the new branding. Please know that these products will be fully supported and warrantied despite the name change. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition.


George Hires HeadshotGeorge Hires
Founder & CEO


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  • Stuart

    Hi do you sell for the Australian market and power supplies AUS Standards
    Fingers crossed you do
    Regards Stuart

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