Product Development Q1 2021

Product Development Q1 2021

Since it's inception, my goal was for the SimpliDock to be the best looking, most adaptable and easiest to install iPad dock or mount on the market. In many ways, this was achieved in our first release back in 2012. But my passion for this product would not allow me to stop once it was "good"… It needed to be GREAT! So instead of immediately moving to mass market, we kept production on a small scale as I continued adding small design changes gradually over time in response to customer feedback, as well as my own personal experience in the building technology industry. In the 9yrs since, these incremental improvements have accumulated to the point where I believe the SimpliDock is finally the product I set out to create on day one.

With the design finally perfected, I'm proud to announce that we have invested in high-quality injection molded parts for our most popular SimpliDock models! Starting today, orders for the 10.2"|10.5" iPad will be shipped this new version. This latest design offers high-strength polycarbonate components, more robust Lightning/USB connectors and soft-touch rubber surfaces. Both aesthetically and functionally, these are hands down the best iPad docks on the market.

That said, the process of retooling the entire product line will take some time to complete. As mentioned, we are starting with our most popular model, the 10.2"|10.5" which currently accounts for more than 50% of our total sales. From there, we'll move on to the Mini 4|5 and then the 11", 12.9", etc. Each new model will take a couple months to retool and produce, but eventually we hope to have most popular models injection molded so we can not only maintain consistency among all versions, but also keep up with ever-growing customer demand. Please note that the original design is very similar in both functionality and aesthetics, but if you were to order a 10.2" and a Mini 1|2|3 in the same order, there are notable differences. We appreciate your business and understanding during this transition.


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Founder & CEO


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